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confined space solutions against concrete mixertruck drum hazards

Health & Safety

Blascon develops systems to contribute to health & safety for workers and concrete mixertruck drivers.

Products like DrumJet, ReadyJet and HopperLift are developed as prevention devices against human drum entry and so protecting workers against hazards of  the confined space of concrete mixertruck drums.

Characteristics concrete mixertruck drums

  • Confined space (steel barrel)
  • Dissimilar shape (conical-cylindric-conical)
  • angled about 10-15 degrees
  • sloping, slippy, steel surface to stand on
  • interior, double steel helix of Archimedes 50 cm high, vertically on drum wall
  • manhole for drum-entrance in rotation surface of drum wall
  • large charging opening at the drum backside covered with charge hopper

Respirable silica

Manual removal of concrete buildup from mixerdrum exceeds 2001 limits of NIOHS

Eight-hour TWA Respirable Silica Concentrations (mg/m3) for No control scenario.

Sample Date Employee ID Sample Time (m) Silica Percent 8-Hour TWA Respirable Dust Concentration (mg/m3) Silica PEL 8-Hour TWA Respirable Dust Concentration (mg/m3)
1/14/1999 Emp. #1 90* 12.2 2.79 0.70 0.34
1/14/1999 Emp. #2 90* 13.3 1.28 0.66 0.17
1/22/1999 Emp. #2 85 11.5 1.16 o.74 0.13
1/22/1999 Emp. #1 114 13.1 1.29 0.66 0.17
Geometric Mean Concentration 1.52 0.189


  • mg/m3 – milligrams per cubic meter
  • PEL – OSHA permissible exposure limit

Sample Time:

  • Represents time working in concrete drum
  • * – estimated tim working in contrete drum
Samples exceeding the OSHA PEL for respirable dust containing 1% quartz or more, are shown in bold type and samples exceeding the NIOSH REL of 0.05 mg/m3 for respirable silica are shown in bold type.
Source: NIOSH, Cincinatti; published may-31-2001
“evaluate workers exposure to respirable crystalline silica during interior cleaning of readymix concrete truck drums”

concrete mixerdrum = hazardous confined space 

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