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video truckmixer without charge-hopper backs-up +++ +++ +++ USA extremely limits SILICA-exposure (manual buildup removal) to prevent SILICOSIS - LUNGCANCER - KIDNEY DISEASE -BRONCHITIS +++ +++ +++ European Concrete Association ERMCO promotes READY-JET buildup removal +++ +++ BLASCON---> HOPPER-INLINER replacing hopper wearplate and facilitating DRUMJET +++ +++ +++ THREATS of OVERWEIGHT & SOLUTIONS(click) brochure +++ +++ OPINION of PROFESSIONALS (click) +++ +++ CONCRETEPUMPS liners/pipes CONCRETE REMOVAL (descaling,deblocking & cleaning) remote controlled +++ feature on Ready-Jet® G1 (click) +++ +++ +++ "FEATURE" on LOADMAN Concrete Mixer Truck Onboard Scale "Automated discharge-stop @ Target Setpoint” (click) +++ +++ Zuschuss BG-RCI für Blascon-Kunden auch in 2018 +++ Praemienkatalog 2018 +++ Praemien Anmeldeformular +++ +++ Belgian Institute for Prevention of WORK-ACCIDENTS NAVB advises use of Ready-Jet® DUTCH(click) or FRANÇAIS (click) +++ +++ Stetter HINGED CHARGE HOPPER (click) for easy Ready-Jet access +++ +++ Chipper dies in confined space of concrete drum(click) +++
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How it all started


Blasters, Inc. a 35-year old Tampa-based water-blasting firm, builds specialized robots for a variety of hydro-demolitions, industrial cleaning and highway repair applications.

In 2004 the owner of a ready mixed concrete company stopped at a highway construction project to observe a hydro-demolition crew of Blasters Inc., cutting a slot in the concrete deck of a bridge that was scheduled to be widened. He marveled at the power and the precision of their work. He asked the crew's supervisor: "could high pressure water also be used to cut hardened concrete from inside my truckmixer drums instead of sending a man in there with a jackhammer?"

Out of the ensuing conversation between the concrete executive and Blasters President, Scott Boos, the Ready-Jet was born.

Two years later, after extensive R&D, cleaning approximately 250 mixerdrums and essentially re-inventing the machine half a dozen times, the first Ready-Jet was presented to the market. The challenge was at times overwhelming, but Blasters staff was persistent. Making a machine that could clean effectively given the "crazy geometry" of the inside of various mixerdrums was not easy. And, of course, the machine had to be designed to withstand an unbelievablyu harsh environment that includes rotating blades and flying concrete chunks.

That the unique patented Ready-Jet meets all the above named requirements was confirmed at the 2007 World of Concrete where the Ready-Jet became the show's "MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT" and received the corresponding award.

WOC 2007

"Built by contractors for contractors" means the Ready-Jet is built for daily service over several years by people who truly understand the cost of equipment downtime.

The Ready-Jet is made in Tampa Florida, USA.

THE READY-JET: "Concrete knocking out that's what it's all about"


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ReadyJet G3

RJ G3 best solution for concrete buildup removal




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